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When I came to Dr. Mikhail last fall, I really thought I was going to have to have my teeth pulled. I have always had trouble with my teeth. She not only got me back on track with my teeth, she also started me on a whitening program. My teeth were really looking nice and I started getting compliments on my smile. But, I always wished they were even whiter. When Dr. Mikhail began offering Zoom, I called to schedule a consultation. After having Zoom, I am thrilled with the results. I have a dazzling white smile for the first time in my life. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again and probably will next year. Don’t hesitate to have a brilliant smile too.

Jeff N.

I now feel the oral screening is a must for everyone! When Sarah asked if I wanted the test, I thought for a few seconds and thought it would be good insurance against any oral cancer even though I’ve never used tobacco products. It wasn’t long into the screening when Sara said “are you aware of this spot under your lip?” I wasn’t aware of it and when it was thouroughly checked out it turned out to be a very aggressive form of cancer. An oral surgeon removed it and after some radiation treatment, I’m cancer free. If not for the oral screening I might not be writing this…..please take the time, it could cost you quite a bit more than a few dollars

Robert K.

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